Gerakan supports the move to review Section 114A

Chang Ko Youn: It shows the government’s determination in political transformation
Press statement by Gerakan Deputy President Dato’ Chang Ko Youn

Gerakan Deputy President Dato’ Chang Ko Youn today supports the government’s move to review the controversial Section 114A of the Evidence Act 1950. He fully supports the sensible and liberal gesture by the PM that puts people first by listening to their pleas and responded positively and openly. He reiterates that Gerakan supports the move to review, amend or even repel the controversial provision which is found to be a threat to the freedom of expression and against the principle of law in the presumption of innocence that one is considered innocent until proven guilty. Burden of proof must be on the prosecution and shall not be shifted to the defence which is a cardinal principle of the laws.

Besides, Dato’ Chang who is also Gerakan’s Human Rights and Law Bureau Chairman lauds the openness and concern the PM has shown in his initiative to instruct the cabinet to look into the controversial section. It shows that the PM and the government are sincere and dedicated to continue pushing for a meaningful political transformation as promised to the people.

In addition, Dato’ Chang also hopes that the netizens will be more self-restraint and responsible while publishing comments or sharing information through the cyberspace. He exhorts that the people should refrain from publishing seditious and defamatory contents by keeping ourselves on the moral high ground by remaining moral in ethics, parlance and adhering or upholding a universal standard of justice and goodness, which is beyond the legal emphasis just as what we have learned from this case. Cyberspace is not a wild wild West. One must be responsible for what he or she says and writes.

Source: Gerakan’s Website