Website Owners & Bloggers

If you have a website or blog, participate in the Internet Blackout!

Upload this pop-up and display it on your site for 24 hours:

In BM: [Code] | [JPEG]

In English: [Code] | [JPEG]

In Chinese: [UTF8 Code] | [GBK Code] | [Big5 Code][JPEG]

If you use Blogger, follow these steps to embed the code into your blog:

1. Sign in to your Blogger account and, once you enter the dashboard of your blog, click on ‘Layout’.

2. Select ‘Add a Gadget’. A new window will open listing various options. Scroll down and select ‘HTML/JavaScript’. A new window called ‘Configure HTML/JavaScript’ will open.

3. Get the code for the English, BM, or Chinese pop-up message.

4.Copy all the text and paste it under “Content” in the ‘Configure HTML/JavaScript’ window.

5. To link the image, replace <img src=’./ with <img src=’ (This will make the image static).

6. In the “Configure HTML/JavaScript” page, input CIJ_Campaign as the title of the widget.

7. Save the widget and publish it under your footer.

If you use WordPress, follow these steps to embed the code into your blog:

1. Copy the code from the following website’s textarea



Chinese Version
Traditional Chinese

Simplified Chinese

2. Paste the code into the wordpress theme as shown in the picture below