Netizens Support Stop 114A at KLAB

For the weekend of June 23 and 24th, CIJ promoted the e-petition with a creative and interactive display for Kuala Lumpur Alternative Book Fair (KLAB) at The Annexe Gallery. We asked attendees one main question: If we want democracy in Malaysia to move forward, why is the Internet important?

The response to Stop 114A was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees stating that the Internet remain free in order to promote the diversity of Malaysian voices. For the people that we spoke with, they stressed that online anonymity was of particular importance. If we want a vibrant culture on alternative news sites and blogs, we must keep the Internet free from government control. By educating, debating, and discussing issues with netizens, CIJ gained enough support to push the 3000 signature mark.

Check out some of our photos from KLAB:

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